The IDD Difference

Modern Tools

We pair the latest sequencing technology with personalized follow-up biochemical tests to capture the most complete view of each patient's genetics possible. Our process is efficient and thorough.

Patient Focus

Each patient receives a report of their genome that is tailored to their symptoms and other health factors; this is not simple test with a simple answer. We strive to deliver meaningful information that will inform clinical care.

Rigorous Analytics

Our research team is guided by leading minds in the fields of neurology, medicine, and genetics. Our goal is to provide industry with the data analysis needed to interpret human genetics and design novel therapies.

Bridging the Gap

Through networks of engaged patients and their physicians, IDD will deliver the precision medicine tools being used by scientists to advance biomedicine. 

Support & Counseling

IDD's program is 100% free to patients, from testing to counseling. We staff genetic counselors to supplement patients' personal medical resources. Access to expert knowledge will be the key to unlocking the meaning of each genetic code.

Continued Impact

All patient data used for research will be de-identified and as secure as any other medical database. While a single genome can help diagnose one patient, it is only by collecting thousands of genomes that we can understand the genetic basis of disease.

Our Program

Modern Tools

We collect detailed patient information to guide expert interpretation of clinical-grade next generation whole genome sequencing. Even with modern technology, we cannot sequence ~15% of the genome. If this region is needed for a diagnosis, our lab will try other sequencing or biochemical methods that may unveil the genes responsible for the patient's unique symptoms.

Patient Focus

Our services are free and open to patients of any age. At this time, patients must apply with a physician in the United States.

IDD's goal is to develop a long-term relationship with each and every patient. Our in-house genetic counselors will walk patients through their detailed diagnostic reports, which will supplement the patient's personal medical resources as needed. Genetic counselors will work to explain not only the diagnosis, but also any incidental findings the patient has elected to receive.

As research develops, it is likely that our interpretation of the genome will change. Whenever these changes affect how we would interpret a patient's report IDD will re-issue the report and contact the patient to review updated information

Rigorous Analytics

In-house research will focus on bioinformatics and disease-gene associations. By partnering with R&D powerhouses in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries our curated genomes will generate the data needed to push medicine forward.

An important aspect of our informed consent engages the patient with our research program by allowing us to contact the patient in the future if genetic material from family members of other clinical history is needed to resolve a diagnosis or define a research goal.